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The Card, combined with the APP, can make your smartphone compatible with the eSIM.
With Card, you can download eSIM profiles (digital SIM cards) directly from the Internet to your smartphone. Instead of carrying many different physical SIM cards, you can now store them digitally and securely on the Card.


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Filter based research
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Direct customer support
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The eSIM profile will be provided as a  QR-Code by email.

The email with the QR-Code containing the link to the eSIM profile will be emailed on the desired date you specified when you placed the order.

The process of installing an eSIM profile on a phone can vary slightly depending on the device.

Before initiating the installation process, ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi, as internet connectivity is necessary.

Here's a general guide that should help you understand the steps involved:

• Ensure that your phone supports eSIM technology. Either with eSIM built-IN, or with a removeable Card.

• Open your phone's settings and look for the section related to mobile networks or SIM card settings.

• Find the option to add or configure an eSIM profile. This may be labeled as "Add eSIM," "Add Mobile Plan," or something similar.

• You can choose to scan the QR-Code, or to enter the numerical code manually.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your selection and activate the eSIM profile.

• Some phones may require a restart for the changes to take effect. Follow any prompts to restart your device if necessary.

Keep in mind that the specific steps can vary based on the phone's manufacturer and model, it's recommended to consult your phone's user manual.

eSIM profiles can be activated on installation, on first connection to a network or on first consumption of mobile datra. For more details, consult the activation policy of the purchased eSIM profile.