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1 - eSIM technology

Our eSIMs are compatible with all devices that support eSIMs out of the box, including devices from Apple, Samsung, Google and others, as well as devices upgraded to eSIM with Cards.

Each eSIM profile is designed for installation on a single device. If you have additional devices requiring mobile data, you will need to purchase additional eSIMs.

While phone number for Call and texts (SMS) will remain with your operator’s Sim card, you can continue using Messengers like WhatsApp , iMessage and Facetime, for messages and calls over your eSIM’s data connection.

You can purchase an eSIM profile in advance and install it later when needed.

Once you've chosen your eSIM profile, you'll be prompted to select your “desired delivery date”. This allows you the flexibility to decide when you would like to receive your eSIM conveniently via email.

Our prepaid eSIM profile conclude automatically at your chosen duration, eliminating the need for manual for manual cancellation.

2 - eSIM profiles

Discovering providers that offer unlimited data eSIMs on our platform is easy.

Simply select your destination and use our filter to choose 'unlimited data' from the options. This feature is available for Single Country, Regional, and Global eSIMs as well.

The Fair Use Policy (FUP) provides clear and transparent information about the conditions of the high speed and throttled mobile data.

Explore our website to discover eSIM profiles tailored for various global regions, providing seamless internet connectivity across multiple countries. You need to choose “Regional eSIMs” to display all the available options such as:

eSIMs for Europe

eSIMs for Asia

eSIMs for Oceania

eSIMs for Africa

eSIMs for the Caribbean

eSIMs for North America  

eSIMs for Central America 

eSIMs for South America

This option is not yet available.

3 - eSIM profiles purchase and set up

The eSIM profile will be provided as a  QR-Code by email.

The email with the QR-Code containing the link to the eSIM profile will be emailed on the desired date you specified when you placed the order.

The process of installing an eSIM profile on a phone can vary slightly depending on the device.

Before initiating the installation process, ensure you are connected to Wi-Fi, as internet connectivity is necessary.

Here's a general guide that should help you understand the steps involved:

• Ensure that your phone supports eSIM technology. Either with eSIM built-in or with a removable Card.

• Open your phone's settings and look for the section related to mobile networks or SIM card settings.

• Find the option to add or configure an eSIM profile. This may be labelled as "Add eSIM," "Add Mobile Plan," or something similar.

• You can choose to scan the QR-Code or to enter the numerical code manually.

• Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your selection and activate the eSIM profile.

• Some phones may require a restart for the changes to take effect. Follow any prompts to restart your device if necessary.

Keep in mind that the specific steps can vary based on the phone's manufacturer and model, it's recommended to consult your phone's user manual.

eSIM profiles can be activated on installation, on the first connection to a network or on the first consumption of mobile data. For more details, consult the activation policy of the purchased eSIM profile.

We recommend installing your eSIM just before your departure. Make sure to connect to Wi-Fi before starting the installation process, as it requires internet connectivity.

Make sure to be connected to a Wi-Fi before starting the installation process. An Internet connection is required to successfully download and install the eSIM profile.

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